Do you have Life Insurance?

If your answer is yes, good for you! You are a step ahead of the game.  If you said no, listen up!

Here are the biggest objections to discussions on life insurance:

  1.     I have it through work!
  2.     I really don’t have the money right now!
  3.     I’m not dying anytime soon, I will get it later!
  4.     I’m too young, I don’t have anything to protect!

Here’s the problem with these 3 objections:

1. Life insurance through your work is a great additional plan, but shouldn’t be your main life insurance policy.  Do you plan to work at your current job until you die? Most likely you would like to retire and relax a bit, right? And what happens if you decide to change jobs, get downsized, or fired? Bye, bye life insurance. 

Whether you have life insurance or not, think about this:  When someone close to you dies do you ever wonder or care about how much they paid monthly or annually for insurance? Isn’t your biggest worry, how you will survive without them?

2. If you wait until you have the money for life insurance, it will be too late. Planning ahead will allow you to protect your family in case something happens to you. If you don’t have the money now for life insurance, how will those you leave behind afford life without you, let alone insurance for themselves?

The younger you start planning ahead and purchasing life insurance, the cheaper it is to you. There are term life policies to cover mortgages or loans and whole life policies that will ensure your family is taken care of if something should happen to you.

3. Okay, so you don’t plan on dying anytime soon, that’s great! Neither do I, but in the (off) chance that you are in a car accident or something catastrophic happens to you today, how will your family survive? If you are married with children, have a mortgage, maybe some student loans, etc., how will all of those bills get paid without you and your income? Death can tear apart families physically and financially. 

Example: A family – Husband and wife with two kids.  Husband has a great job, making enough to support the family so that the wife can stay home, raise the kids, and manage the household.  They have a decent savings account, but no life insurance.  On the way home from work today the husband was killed in a car accident.  The wife will now have to get a job to support her children, she will have to pay for a babysitter, and hire help to clean the house because she will no longer have time after picking up 2 jobs to cover all the bills.

 So now let me ask you this:  Is it fair that these children lose both parents?  They lost Dad to a car accident and in turn lost Mom to her 2 jobs. 

The purpose of life insurance is to ensure that your family is able to continue life as if you were still alive. With a life insurance policy, the mom might not have had to go back to work, or at least she would have only needed 1 job to support the family. She would’ve been able to see the kids after school, go to their sporting events, etc. They would’ve had a better quality of life.  Wouldn’t you want that for your family?

Now this brings up the next objection:

4.  Still young? Start now. Within the next 5-10 years you will most likely fall in love and start that family described above. Start now, because you don’t want your new car, fancy apartment, student loans, etc. to fall back on your parents or another family member. Start now, if for no other reason than to protect those that you love. Maybe you don’t have any bills, maybe you don’t want to get married or have a family. But there aren’t many people that wouldn’t want to protect the financial stability of their parents or a friend, whoever their beneficiary is. You would be hard pressed to find anyone that shouldn’t have life insurance. And if you truly have no financial worries, then now is the time to invest in life insurance because you may not always be financially set.

Think about it. And when you’re ready to take steps to protect your future, your family, or simply cover your bills, call us, we can help.  We can get you the coverage you need for a price you can afford.


Letter of Introduction

When is the last time you heard from your Insurance Agent?

The most common answer is something along the lines of “I don’t remember” or “I don’t really even know who my agent is?” If this sounds familiar please read on.

Did you know that Insurance Agents are required to do annual reviews on all their policy holders?

By annual review, I mean actually contacting you to check in, update your information, add new applicable discounts and make sure you are happy with your current insurance policies.
Annual reviews are usually skipped and this is why you typically get the renewal notice in the mail that shows an increased premium. There are so many discounts out there that customers can receive. Anything from updating your roof, plumbing and/or heating, to belonging to a credit union, chamber of commerce or workplace earns you a discount.

Did you know that having a college degree gets you a discount?

90% of people are not getting the best price on their insurance because their agent didn’t do their job. I am here to offer you a better insurance program from an agent that really cares. Not only will I help you qualify for all the discounts you are eligible for, I will check in with you if/when you become eligible for more discounts.
I can assure you that you will know your Insurance Agent’s name, and you will know that you are well taken care of, the last thing you want to worry about is your insurance.

Wouldn’t you like to be confident that your family is fully protected and appropriately insured?

I want you to be confident in your choice of an insurance provider; I want you to know who I am and love the service I provide to you. I don’t ever want you to wonder if you are missing out on any discounts, or question the level of protection that you have.

Did you know that 75% of people do not understand what their Auto and Home policies really consist of or whether they are adequately protected?

On average, 75% of the clients I sit down with have never had an agent explain their insurance coverage to them and they have never been given options for coverage. I have reviewed many policies that did not properly cover the client and their families.

Please follow our blog to learn more about Insurance and how to make sure you are adequately covered!