Who we are

Stephanie Zuck is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Marketing and Sales. After years of working in banking and financial services, Stephanie wanted to own a business that gave her the freedom to help people around the community, and she came across the opportunity to become an agent with Farmers Insurance. For several months, she worked out the details and now has an office with Lindsay Washburn. And as they say, “the rest is history”!

Lindsay Washburn is a graduate of Olivet College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Financial Planning, Insurance, and Risk Management. She worked as the office manager for a Financial Advising firm in Marshall before wanting to do something bigger. She, along with Stephanie, worked to open their Farmers Insurance office in Marshall for several months and is now happy to have the freedom to work with many people in the community. Her primary focus is to build a successful business and educate her clients about insurance.

The Zuck-Washburn Agency in Marshall is always accepting new customers, and is happy to help. Open for all questions and reviews of your insurance policies, this agency’s focus is to educate you about insurance. After all, insurance is here for your benefit…it shouldn’t be intimidating. Give us a call at any time. We are always willing to help you and your family get to a better place!


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